Seven Wild Turkey Recipes You Won't Want To Miss!

For those who love hunting and cooking wild turkey, you won’t want to miss these fantastic turkey recipes. Your family will enjoy the delightful smells of cooking along with the mouthwatering flavors.


7 Wild Turkey Recipes

Learn some of our favorite wild turkey recipes you can add to your recipe list for the turkey hunting season. Our recipes for this article include Pan-Fried Wild Turkey Recipe, Wild Turkey Breast & Wine Sauce Recipe, Grilled Marinated Turkey Breasts, Lemon Herb Turkey Breast, BBQ Wild Turkey Recipe, Cajun Deep Fried Turkey Recipe, and Homemade Wild Turkey Soup.


Pan-Fried Wild Turkey Recipe

Serve this wild turkey recipe with your favorite family vegetables. The preparation time for this recipe is ten minutes, and the cooking time also ten minutes. All you need for ingredients is breadcrumbs, eggs, wild turkey, oil, and seasoning. To learn more, please visit Game & Fish Magazine.


Wild Turkey Breast & Wine Sauce Recipe

This wild turkey breast and wine sauce recipe is slow-cooked, bringing out a rich and savory flavor. Preparation time is approximately fifteen minutes, with around one-hour of cooking time. Ingredients include turkey breast, white wine, mushrooms, chives, and seasoning. For more info, please visit the Game & Fishing Magazine.


Grilled Marinated Turkey Breasts

This quick and straightforward recipe is excellent for boneless wild turkey breast. The formula includes a homemade marinade to soak your breast meat filets in. Marinating time is approximately twenty-four hours. Then, cook them up on the grill for around ten minutes per side. Serve with your favorite family grill sides. For more details, please visit Bass Pro.


Lemon Herb Turkey Breast

Do you love the flavor of lemon while cooking your wild turkey breasts? Then, be sure to try this family recipe, which includes breasts, lemon juice, white wine, garlic, and seasonings. This is a slow cooking crockpot recipe you can prep and let it cook through the day. For more information, please visit Bass Pro.


BBQ Wild Turkey Recipe

This recipe is terrific for BBQ lovers and only takes about one hour to cook. The ingredients include turkey pieces, butter, green onions, lemon, broth, and seasonings. Boil the wild turkey intermittently, then baste with the sauce. Cook for approximately one hour. For more info, please visit Wild Turkey Zone.


Cajun Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

Do you love a Cajun twist for deep-fried turkey? You will then want to try this recipe, which includes Cajun seasoning, butter, garlic, and cayenne. Fry the wild turkey at approximately four minutes per pound in your favorite turkey deep fryer. The recipe details are available at Wild Turkey Zone.


Homemade Wild Turkey Soup

For a delicious wild turkey soup, you will need turkey breasts, celery, carrots, onion, bullion, and seasonings. After preparing this delightful soup, you will need leftover stuffing to create stuffing dumplings to add to the mixture. Or, you can also add noodles instead of the stuffing dumplings. For recipe details, head on over to Miss Homemade.


What Wild Turkey Recipes Are You Serving?

What wild turkey recipes are you serving this year? Do you have a favorite wild turkey casserole recipe you would like to share? Or, a new wild turkey soup to try? Please leave your notes for our lake community fans!



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