Toledo Bend Fishing Report

BASS:  We had some decent trips last week but some days you had to work hard for each and every bass. Our best days were Thursday and Friday. We caught a few fish on Stanley Vibra Wedge spinnerbaits with double willow blades in shad pattern skirts. However, we used soft plastics either weightless or light weighted. One of our productive patterns was using Senkos rigged Texas weightless and worked these slowly over grass from 1 to 14 feet with 6-8 feet the target area. We also caught fish on wacky rigs using both Berkley Havoc Bottom Hoppers and Senkos. Best colored Bottom Hopper was Shady watermelon Candy and top Senko colors were those in the watermelon family. Under ideal conditions top water baits are coming into play. Stanley's Ribbit Top Toad frog floats beautifully allowing you to work the bait very slowly over shallow cover and spawning flats. I usually rig mine with 50 Spider Wire Braid. Fellow angler Johnny Watkins has become extremely proficient with this bait and has caught multiple trophy bass with this bait and technique. It is Top Toad time!

CRAPPIE/YELLOW BASS:  More reports are coming in with crappie caught in shallow water. The two top methods are strolling(with trolling motor) for crappie with jigs as well as fishing the back half of coves and creeks in 2 to 8 feet with shiners under a cork. Some of the bigger female crappie are moving up since the water temperatures are in upper 50s and even lower 60s.
Fishing Report provided by Joe Joslin, columnist, angler and pro guide.  Visit his website at or call 337-463-3848
March 29, 2014